Perth International Telecommunications Centre

Bushfire Risk Management Plan

Locations: Cullacabardee

Bushfire Prone Planning (BPP) completed a full bushfire risk assessment of the Perth International Telecommunications Centre (PITC) site. The PITC provides infrastructure for a number of International Telecommunications Satellite Companies and Space Agencies as well as TTC & M (Telemetry, Tracking, Command and Monitoring) facilities for those companies/agencies. It provides Western Australia and Australia with secure, direct satellite links with the rest of the world using the very latest communications technology. The Perth location allows access to both Indian and Pacific Ocean satellite regions, providing direct routes to more than two thirds of the globe.
The PITC facility represents an ongoing investment of more than $300,000,000 and is the largest facility of its type in Australia and is one of the largest and most technically diverse network facilities in the world.
BPP utilised AS 3959 methodology and modelling to determine radiant heat exposure on assets and provide a Bushfire Management Plan for the site which focused on managing bushland fuel loads to reduce bushfire impact on site assets in the event of a bushfire.
In summary the Plan;

• Defines areas where values are located that are at risk from bushfire
• Defines and rank fire hazard areas
• Plans for the reduction of bushfire impacting on both people and infrastructure

The PITC management utilise the BPP’s Bushfire Management Plan in conjunction with contractors and the local Bushfire Brigade to slash, trim trees and burn off areas as required by the Plan.

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