Service Areas

Shire of Brookton

The Shire of Brookton is located within the region.

BPP can provide all of your required bushfire risk assessment, planning, design, management and advice services within the Shire of Brookton. We specialise in providing the follow services within the Shire of Brookton; Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments, Bushfire Management Plans (BMP’s), Bushfire Hazard Assessments, Fuel Load Analysis, Bushfire Evacuation/Escape Plans, Bushfire Risk and Threat Management, Building Compliance and Certification (AS 3959-2009 compliance), implications of local and state policy (including; AS3959 – 2009 and Planning for Bushfire Protection Guidelines), policy and planning review (including; firebreak notices, Local Government reserve planning), legal and insurance services, expert advice, presentations and keynote speaking.

Shire of Brookton Localities

  • Aldersyde
  • Brookton
  • Jelcobine
  • Kweda
  • Nalya