Bushfire Services

BAL’s for Individuals (Levels 1, 2 & 3)

Whether looking to design or build a new home, Subdivide your property, Or simply wanting to build that new shed, patio or extension, if you are located within a bushfire prone area, you will likely need a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment or a Bushfire Management Plan (BMP).

BPP specialise in providing BAL assessments and BMP’s for all types of development and subdivision projects. Depending on your needs, we can develop simple through to complex plans, working with clients to create the best possible solution.

Is your property located within a bushfire prone area?

  • It is our role to know whether your property is bushfire prone.
  • We know exactly what legal requirements and planning processes govern your area. All our plans are tailored to fit the requirements of your Local Government, the Bush Fires Act (1954) and the WA Planning for Bushfire Risk Management Guidelines.
  • If you do have preliminary questions you can always contact your Local Government to determine whether your property is located within a bushfire prone area and the approvals that are appropriate for your specific project.

Looking to build a new home?

Depending on your property and local government requirements, there may be 2 components to approval:

Planning Approval: Some Local Governments require planning approval for the design and location of buildings or structures within their jurisdiction.

Building Approval: Before you can start building work, your building will need to be assessed by a qualified building surveyor to ensure compliance with the BCA. This includes meeting approvals for any specific bushfire construction requirements that may be applicable to your property. You will need to provide the building surveyor with detailed plans and specifications of your proposed building work. Once your design demonstrates compliance with the applicable planning and building requirements, you can then apply to your Local Government for approval to build.

Experienced Assessors

The new Western Australian Guidelines recommend the use of a BPAD accredited Bushfire Assessor to complete BAL assessments and Bushfire Management Plans. BPP has FPA Australia BPAD Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Accredited Assessors in its team.

State-wide Service Areas

We provide a state-wide service, with extensive experience within the following regions

Environmental Services

We provide our clients with statewide expert advice and comprehensive services that include:

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