BPP Staff Attend FPA Australia Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Short Course

29 January 2016 in General

Several of our BPP staff members attended the Fire Protection Association Australia BAL Course in Perth Last week (January 2016). The purpose of this course is to provide participants with the required skills, knowledge and ability to determine a Bushfire Attack Level and provide advice on the required construction provisions.

The course covers a wide range of elements including:

• Bushfire behaviour

• Bushfire planning and building legislative requirements in Western Australia

• Assessing and determining bushfire attack levels

• Knowledge of bushfire impact and building design to mitigate bushfire impact;

• Knowledge of bushfire resistant construction

The course is designed for building, planning, environmental and fire safety professionals such as bushfire consultants, town planners, building surveyors and ecological and environmental consultants with an interest in seeking to become accredited bushfire practitioners.

Completion of the course is one option available to participants that satisfies the application requirements for a BAL Assessor under FPA Australia’s Bushfire Planning and Design Accreditation Scheme.

BPP aims to have all its staff attend the BAL Level 1 assessors training package in the coming months to ensure our products and services are of the highest quality and compliant with the industry standards.

BPP Staff

BPP Staff Members pictured: Darren Hughes, Bruce Greentree, Gary Fawell

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