Recent Fire Activity in South West WA – Radiant Heat Impact on everyday materials (Harvey/ Waroona Fires)

22 February 2016 in General

On a recent work trip into the Harvey/ Waroona area of the South West of Western Australia, our Co-Director Mike Scott spotted this great example of the impact radiant heat can have on everyday materials during a Bushfire event.

Some 4 weeks on from the bushfire there are many indicators of the level of radiant heat produced by this bushfire as it moved through the Harvey/ Waroona area.

Not just an expert on Bushfire Behaviour and Bushfire attack level assessments Mike is also an avid amateur photographer and he snapped this shot of a Main Roads Guide Post (South West highway) impacted by the recent Waroona/Harvey/ Wagerup Bushfire.


The Guide post in question was approximately 16 metres away (across the South West Highway) from the edge of the nearest vegetation indicating that it was likely exposed to radiant heat levels in excess of 29kw/m² and fireline intensity of 18,600kW/m.

This picture is a stark reminder of the hidden dangers of a bushfire event and how important it is to have an evacuation plan in place and if leaving, leave early, modern vehicles have a degree of plastic components and it would be unwise to expose your family to the radiant heat experienced by this guidepost.

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