Requirement for BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) Assessments on the installation of Evaporative Air Conditioners

19 April 2016 in General
Bushfire and House Example (Western Australia)

If you are considering installing a roof-mounted evaporative cooler in a designated bush fire prone area (WA) you need to have your property assessed for its level of bush fire risk as this will determine the appropriate level of protection that your evaporative cooler will require.

Air Conditioning BAL Requirements


Bush fire requirements for roof-mounted evaporative coolers

BAL-LOW Low bush fire risk No additional requirements

BAL-12.5 – BAL-29 Moderate to high bush fire risk Must be fitted with non combustible butterfly closers as close as practicable to the roof level; or alternatively befitted with non-combustible covers with a mesh or perforated sheet with maximum aperture of 2mm, made of corrosion resistant steel, bronze or aluminum. Additionally the unit must be adequately sealed to the roof with non-combustible material to prevent gaps greater than 3mm.

BAL-40 and BAL-FZ Very high to extreme bush fire risk Obtain a building permit from the permit authority to install a roof-mounted evaporative cooler. This is because the Building Code does not permit the installation of a roof mounted evaporative cooler unless it has met certain test criteria or an alternative solution has been developed. Please note: you should discuss these requirements with a registered building surveying contractor or the relevant permit authority.

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