Landscaping for Bushfire – Country Fire Authority Publication (Victoria – 2011)

CFA Landscaping for Bushfire

CFA Landscaping for Bushfire (2011)

The type, quantity and condition of fuel has a very important effect on bushfire behaviour. The survivability of buildings, and of those who occupy and shelter in them, can be significantly enhanced or endangered by the type of plants around the building. Landscaping for Bushfire has been developed by CFA in response to Recommendation 44 from the Victorian Bushfires Royal
Commission. It forms just one part of our approach to help Victorian communities prepare for the fire season. Residents in high bushfire risk areas need to be aware of their
environment and the risks they face during the fire season.Planning ahead is essential for surviving the coming fire season.The most effective way to reduce risk in the garden is to focus on the location and arrangement of fuel on your property.Even though all plants burn, measures can be taken to reduce fireintensity from garden plants. This guide identifies what you can do within defendable space to minimise the risk of losing your house or threatening the lives of occupants in a bushfire.Landscaping for Bushfire is a valuable resource for homegardeners, landscape architects and nursery staff as well as CFAFire Safety Officers, Vegetation Management Officers and Home Bushfire Advice Service consultants.


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