New Multipurpose Bushfire Facility to be Built in Collie

Collie to be home to multipurpose bushfire management facility

Media Statements

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The $8 million facility will include an Incident Control Centre, Emergency Driver Training School, and regional fleet maintenance and management services.

It will support career and volunteer emergency services personnel, including firefighters and SES in Collie and the South-West region, and about 12 full-time workers will be based at the centre.

The Level 3 Incident Control Centre will be mobilised at the facility when required, during large-scale bushfires, to increase the emergency management capability of Collie and surrounding areas.

The Emergency Driver Training School will provide emergency response driver training to keep volunteer firefighters safe on the roads. It will allow other emergency services personnel to undertake essential emergency driver training as well.

A new regional fleet maintenance and management presence will support the relocation of up to 70 of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services’ high fire season fleet to Collie.

Management of this fleet will include storage and maintaining fleet readiness, planning and management of fleet deployment, managing and maintaining the vehicles used by the driving school, and managing emergency replacement for damaged appliances in the South-West.

Collie will also host hands-on bushfire mitigation training, including practical application, as part of the new Bushfire Centre of Excellence.

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